Taxwise Plus Fee Protection

HMRCHMRC are now targeted to increase tax revenues. As a result, they have greatly increased the number of tax investigations they perform on small and medium sized businesses as well as larger organisations and individuals.

Enquiries and investigations can cover any aspect of your personal and business activities and HMRC inspectors have the power to visit your premises to review all of your business records, tax returns and PAYE/VAT/CIS information. No reasons have to be given for opening enquiries and often can triggered by random selection.

If you are selected, the financial and personal costs of your case can be significant. Even if the final decision is that you do not owe anything to the taxman, Express Accounts will still have to charge you for the time spent dealing with this matter on your behalf.

That is why we are offering you this opportunity to join Taxwise Plus, our tax enquiry Fee Protection service. Taxwise Plus covers all of the professional fees that you would incur if you needed Express Accounts to respond to an HMRC investigation.

walletLet us deal with the taxman and Taxwise Fee Protection will deal with the costs…

Dealing with HMRC under any circumstances can be very stressful. Taking out our low cost fee protection service means that you do not have to worry about unexpected surprises. You will receive the following:

  • Attendance at face-to-face meetings with HMRC or dealing with any enquiry correspondence
  • Income & Corporation Tax enquiries
  • VAT, PAYE, Business Record checks & Employer Compliance inspections
  • Expert support from professional advisors will manage all dealings with HMRC on your behalf
  • Taxwise Plus includes a direct access Employment Law and Health & Safety legislation helpline.

You are covered for up to £75,000 of our professional fees in representing you. There is no excess payable, so full cover exists on all claims. Annual fees for Taxwise Plus start at only £50.00 p.a.

Individuals – from £50
Self-employed – from £60
Partnerships – from £100
Companies – from £125

Please note that the costs of tax enquiries are not included in our engagement contract. This service is not compulsory but clients who do not purchase fee protection cover will be fully liable for all professional fees incurred in defence of any enquiry.

Complete the application form below to purchase this cover now or if you require more details of the Taxwise Plus scheme, call today on 0845 680 6436 or email [email protected]